Local admin facilitates departure of stranded pedestrians from Mauwakhola


More than 200 persons, who were stuck at Mauwakhola, the border between Dhading and Chitwan district, after authorities in Chitwan had refused to allow them entry into the district, have departed to their destinations after local administration facilitated their departure today.

They had set out for home on foot from the capital amid government-imposed nationwide lockdown before being stopped at Mauwakhola on Thursday.

On the initiation of local representatives, civil society leaders, including Geeta Devi Gurung and Pitta Bahadur Dallakot, chairpersons of Ichhamanakamana Rural Municipality in Chitwan and Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality in Dhading districts respectively, Chitwan district agreed to provide passage to stranded people.

“We have managed to send around 400 people to their destinations,” said Geeta Devi Gurung, chairperson of Ichhamanakaman Rural Municipality.

“We convinced the essential carriers to ferry the stranded pedestrians to their destinations. We also gave them bottles of water and food items,” Gurung said, adding that everybody needs to play their parts during circumstances as now.

Locals were furious after Chitwan District Administration did not agree to give passage to the stranded pedestrians. High-level authorities from both the districts held dialogue till late evening yesterday.

Meanwhile, local people have been providing water, food and other items to pedestrians who have set out on foot to their homes from Kathmandu.